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A team of 25 experts - ready to meet the challenges of your logistics. Today, we are already an integral part of the daily work of more than 10,000 companies and their employees.

We understand the complex challenges of logistics and trade show organizations and beyond. Our sworn-in team is skilled at developing market-driven solutions tailored to your needs. We help you introduce digitization into your business in sync with your day-to-day operations. The result is an organizational leap in development with entirely new opportunities to optimize.

Through our many years of experience in various areas such as sea container logistics or the implementation of large trade fairs, we have developed a comprehensive understanding of relevant processes. We use this valuable knowledge to offer our customers real added value.

Our employees are not only experts in their field, but also trend-conscious and innovative. They always keep abreast of the latest developments in the industry and master state-of-the-art technologies. We like to break new ground and love complexity.


An open word on digitization

"There is no way around digitization. It is a blessing for the company if it is implemented correctly. The result must be clear to both sides beforehand. The same applies to the time frame and the budget required. The only way to take the "horror" out of implementation is to say goodbye to flowery sales texts and speak plainly against the background of the actual situation in the company. Ultimately, you should only be guided by facts. Capacities for digitization are already in short supply. And yet this process has yet to begin in the vast majority of traditional companies. Much of what was implemented early on will be superseded if it has not been further developed. Partial solutions will be replaced by ever more extensive overall solutions.

Digitization is like going to the gym: just being there is no benefit. There has to be a goal and then weights have to be moved, then you also go out stronger. It's also not enough for us to be able to digitize. The customer's willingness and understanding must also be pronounced and sustainable. Otherwise, not every collaboration makes sense. We are required to convey in the first hour how it will feel and what results can be expected. We need to fit the client and the client's requirements to us before we shake hands. We like to listen to understand. When we tackle something, we see it through to success. With us, there is still a handshake (besides contracts) that has value. That's what we stand for!"
Ralf Niemeier
VisiTrans GmbH

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